Lindsey Drop Collection

Lindsey Drop Collection


Our Wooden Drop Earrings are handcrafed to be lightweight and beautiful! Casual enough to wear everyday, yet could be a unique addition to any outfit - both day and night! 


The Lindsey Collection comes in four different styles: Mahogany, Black Walnut, Ipe, and Maple. Each having their own exquisite character and color! They can be purchases as individual pairs, or a complete collection (meaning four pairs total, one of each unique hardwood).


Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, the size and grain will vary ever so slightly. Typical dimensions are 2" - 2.12" long. Typical weight is 0.05 oz per earring. 



  • Care Instructions

    Due to the nature of the product being handcrafted, gently wipe the wood with a clean cloth. 

  • Production Time

    Due to the nature of the product being handcrafted by us, please allow 2-3 weeks for the drop earring to arrive. Your set will be one of kind and could never be duplicated!