Season Apron

Season Apron

It is always good to Season Everything with Love, especially while cooking! This apron is perfect for any home, providing a little bit of fun and style to any cooking adventure.

We craft each apron ourselves. Each apron is just as unique as you and is sewn with care. They measure 22" wide by 19" long, however, due to the nature of the apron the measurements may be slightly different. The ties are typically 84" long, allowing for different tying styles. The pocket measures 8" x 8". The fabric may vary slightly, depending on availability.
  • Care Instructions

    We know you're going to be wanting to look your best in the kitchen and accidents happen... So care for your apron is simple, machine wash cold, delecate, tumble dry low and iron the back if needed. 

  • Production Time

    The product will usually ship within 2 weeks. All handcrafted aprons are made to order, including the embriodery.