The Smoke Show

When we first arrived to Charleston, SC it was a blazing 98º F outside, so we opted to take the air conditioned tour of the town to start. During our self guided wanderings, we happened upon Encore Salvage. Encore was such a neat shop filled with quality reclaimed items that would be a centerpiece in any home. One of the coolest pieces that we saw was the Jet Afterburner hanging light built using an authentic jet parts! Definitely a one of a kind piece!

After browsing their very impressive gallery of uniquely beautiful rustic tables, lighting fixtures, doors, and furniture it was time for us to find some good ol' fashioned barbecue...

Headed south down King St., Chloé and I were now on the hunt for some good ol' southern cookin'. Parking was scarce even on this blistering hot day, and like an omen sent from above, there it was... a parking spot, right outside the establishment that would set a new standard of what Southern BBQ should taste like. Smoke BBQ has the atmosphere, service, and menu every BBQ spot should strive for.

Walking in through their modest front door, you will be welcomed by the sweet smoke of lunch grilling on the fires in the back. We found our seats and were immediately welcomed by the very friendly staff. Browsing the menu, everything sounded amazing and we wanted to try everything.

Chloé and I started off with some brews from Highland Brewing Company and the Loaded Smoked Hash Fries. A combination of Hand-cut Fries, Brisket Hash, Chedda Ale, Garlic Aioli, Pickled Jalapeño( that were just the right hotness even for Chloé), and BBQ Spices that was an incredible introduction to our Tuesday afternoon in Charleston.

Moving on to our main course, My smokin' hot chick had herself the Smokey Chick Sandwich. A grill toasted bun (from Brown's Court Bakery) loaded with Smokey Chicken Confit, Thick Cut Homemade Bacon, Blue Cheese, and In-house Pickled Jalapeños.

I opted for The Sloppy Smoke because I wanted to see just how sloppy and delicious it could really be, and it did not disappoint! Fourteen or fifteen napkins later (I lost count of the pile), I finished the huge stack of Slow Smoked Pulled Pork, Brisket Hash, Pimento Cheese, House Pickles, and Homemade Slaw. We also got the side of Brown Butter Mac and Cheese which perfectly rounded out our meal. I now have to figure out a way to improve upon my recipe to come close to matching theirs.

All in all, this was an amazing start to our time in Charleston. Smoke BBQ will definitely be our lunch stop, even if we're just passing through, on our way to our next rustic adventure...

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